Ligaya's Wood Industry

Philippine-made Narra furniture, hand-carved, durable, classic, affordable...






  1. How long is the waiting period for my order?

    For available products the waiting period is 2-4 weeks after confirmation of your deposits.

    For  made-to-order items the waiting time is 2-4 mos.

    Above conditions are valid unless stated otherwise.

  2. Delivery schedule

    Schedule delivery 2 weeks before the desired date. To allow us to prepare your items and to arrange for trucking services.

  3. Delivery Fee

    Depending on location and trucking service. Shipping fee will be disclosed upon finding an available shipping service.

  4. Product condition upon delivery

    Please inspect the products thoroughly,upon receiving, for authenticity and defects that may have incurred during transportation.

    Any defects will be addressed and repaired by our personel / representative before they leave.

    In case, damage can not be repaired instantly, we will take back the damaged item and return it at  the soonest possible time.

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  1. Retail Price

    Posted retail price may change without prior notice

    Service fee (if there's any) and shipping fees are not included in the price unless stated otherwise.

    It is recommended to send your inquiry  through personal message, e-mail, calls or text.

  2. Initial deposit

    Everything is in pre-order basis ( initial deposit is a must ).

    Initial deposit for:

    • available product is        10% of the total price
    • made-to-order items is  30% of the total price
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  1. Can I refund my deposit / payment?

    Strictly no refund. But you can use your deposit to buy other item as long as your reasons are valid and approved by the manager. Refer on return and exchange conditions for more info.

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  1. How much is the initial deposit?

    Initial deposit for:

    • available product is 10% of the total price
    • made-to-order items 30% of the total price
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